Yoga For the People. All of 'em.


Yoga is a 5000 year old tradition fostering total mind-body health. At Bright Yoga we offer classes seven days a week ranging in the skill level from Beginner to Power Yoga. Class sizes are small, our approach is lighthearted and our space is warm and inviting making your practice enjoyable and focused. 



SUP & SUP Yoga

You love yoga, you love the water, you're in san diego... let's take it to the beach. Bright Yoga offers standup paddleboard lessons as well as SUP Yoga lessons to elevate & illuminate your yogic flow.

Studio Yoga

 Our studio offers a variety of classes including instructional beginner, playful children & family, butt-kickin' vinyasa flow, and gentle restorative classes. Find the perfect class to match, or expand, your practice.