This class is geared toward beginning students. Learn to use breath
(pranayama) to move between poses (asanas), master the use of props
and modify poses to prevent injury. Whether you’re a beginner or a
seasoned practitioner looking to refine your alignment in basic poses,
whether you have neck or back issues or you just like to slow things down
a little… this is your class! Primarily seated postures.  

Hatha Level 1/2

This is truly a class for everyone!  An expanded foundation of poses,
clearly instructed, with options and variations given in order to
accommodate every fitness level and body type.  Primarily seated and
some standing postures.  Arm balances and supported inversions may be
introduced.  This class is geared toward seasoned beginner to intermediate

Hatha Level 2/3

This is a more challenging class for those looking to expand their practice.
 Students should have a firm understanding of basic postures.  In this
faster-moving class, arm balances, inversions, and deeper backbends will
be included.  Drink plenty of water and perhaps bring a towel.  This class is
geared toward strong or athletic intermediate students.


Vinyasa, meaning ‘flow’, merges movement with breath. Teachers guide
students through sequences of postures lead by the rhythm of their own
breath. The class may fast or slow, include chanting, or is alignment-
oriented, depending on the individual teacher. Classes will vary in their
range of difficulty and teachers will offer variations for students in different
levels, keeping things fun and relaxing. Students should have body
awareness, moderate strength and flexibility. This class is the perfect place
to begin the path of Vinyasa or improve your understanding, alignment, and
smooth linking of postures. All levels, beginner to advanced.

Power Vinyasa

Step onto your mat for an invigorating full-body flow where you’ll explore
the yoga postures and fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. This
challenging but fun foundation-building class will work every muscle
through movement and breath at a moderate, but intuitive pace. The
teacher will guide you toward realizing your full potential in each pose,
ultimately developing grace, strength, focus, and precision. This class is
suggested for yogis with some experience in Vinyasa Yoga.  

Intro to Ashtanga

This class introduces this classical form of Ashtanga Yoga in a safe,
supportive way. Students learn the classical breathing techniques and
movements which are the core of this approach to yoga. Classes will be
improvised from the Primary Series of the Ashtanga sequence, breaking it
down in a way that is approachable for many fitness levels, as well as
providing modifications or challenges appropriate for each individual. This
style of yoga is designed to purify the body, build core strength, detox
muscles and organs through connection of breath and the movement to
invoke a stillness of the mind. This class is taught in a noncompetitive
environment to students of all levels, ages and body types.


This strength-building class is fast paced, requiring body awareness. Power
Yoga is definitely an intense workout that will make you sweat. It is great
for strength training more so than meditation and flexibility like other yoga
classes. This class will leave you invigorated and able to take on whatever
life has to offer. A much more challenging class, it is appropriate for
intermediate to advanced students. Bring water and a towel!

Boot Camp

In the same vein as Power Yoga, Boot Camp classes are energetic and
challenging. Be prepared to sweat! This fun, upbeat class will be set to
music to make you want to move. Focus will change from class to class to
build strength in specific areas of the body such as core, hips and back.
More advanced asanas will be introduced with modifications in a
supportive, safe environment. This class is geared towards intermediate to
advanced athletic students.


Slow, uncomplicated transitions using props and supports.  This class is
especially great for those new to yoga, those with injuries, recent surgeries,
health issues, or anyone looking for a slower, sweeter practice. This class
is appropriate for students of all bodies and all ages.

Serenity Yin

This is a restorative Yin class that helps release muscular contractions and
therapeutically rehabilitates the joints. Calm and nurturing, this class
promotes the effects of conscious relaxation and is particularly beneficial for coping
with insomnia, menstrual discomfort, headaches, fatigue and an overstimulated nervous system.

Props are utilized for maximum comfort. Restore, refresh, renew. Everyone is welcome!


Restorative Yoga is the most healing form of yoga. You’ll find yourself
releasing from “fight or flight” mode and melting into postures that are fully
supported by blankets, blocks and bolsters to allow your body and mind to
rest.  As your mind calms, your stress level (and stress hormone
production) will drop as you release into that deeply relaxing place between
sleep and waking. This practice brings energy and rejuvenation and is a
treat for your body and your mind.  This class is appropriate for all students.

Flow Restore

A perfect marriage of Yin and Yang for a balanced mind, body, heart and
soul that is injury-free and ready for the modern world. For those who have
primarily a more active practice, this class is an excellent transition to the
more meditative, deep opening styles of yoga such as Yin and Restorative.
Playful, creative vinyasa flow, exploring the bridge between breath and
body to create more awareness. Relaxing and prop supported poses held
for up to 10 minutes that restore the nervous system and dismantle chronic
tension. Intermediate students with some yoga experience.